Warranties from Subaru Wangara


Your FREE AHG 3 Year/175,00km Warranty

The AHG difference doesn't stop at new cars, when you buy a used vehicle from us, we give you a Free 3 year/175,000 km warranty (which you can upgrade to a 5 year Premium Warranty, if you like). This warranty starts when any remaining new car warranty from the manufacturer expires. Below is what the AHG warranty covers.

Parts Cover

Engine – All internally lubricated parts, including:  pistons, piston rings & pins, crankshaft & main bearings, connecting rods & rod bearings, camshaft, timing chains or gears, rocker arms, valves & springs, valve guides & seats, push rods & lifters, oil pump.

Excluded from this cover are:  Cylinder heads, engine block, cylinder barrels or blown head gaskets

Differential & Drive Line – Bearings, centre bearings, half shafts, U & CV joints, crown wheel & pinion, gears, limited slip clutch pack, drive shafts, drive axle housing if damages are due to failure of internally lubricated components.

Brakes – Callipers, hydraulic lines, master cylinder, vacuum boosters, wheel cylinders

Suspension – Covers front suspension only – control arms, radius rod bushes, top & bottom ball joints, wheel bearings & stub axles

Fuel Management – Fuel pumps, injector pump, injectors

Transmission – Internally lubricated parts only, transmission case if damages are due to failure of internally lubricated components

Clutch Assembly – 2WD vehicles only, pressure plate, clutch fork, thrust racing bearing, clutch master & slave cylinder

Cooling System – Electric fan thermostat, fan hub, thermostat, water pump, radiator cooling fan motor

Electronics & Electro Mechanical – Engine management computer, starter motor, wiper motor, voltage regulator, alternator 

Steering – Idler arms, power steering pump, steering rack, tie rod ends, power steer box, pitman arms

Air Conditioning – Compressor, compressor clutch

Other – Seal & gaskets will be replaced only when such replacement is required in the normal course of repair of a covered component


New Car Warranties

Whether you're off the beaten track or cruising the open highway, you can rest assured knowing that your new Subaru is covered by a three year unlimited kilometre warranty.

If you have purchased a new Subaru during a campaign period including an offer of a 2 year manufacturer’s extended warranty, your standard Subaru Warranty of 3 Years/Unlimited Kilometres will automatically be extended to 5 Years/Unlimited Kilometres.

Subaru Assured

Subaru Wangara is now proud to offer you Subaru Assured Vehicles. All Subaru Assured used vehicles are backed by a 12-month, unlimited kilometre nationwide Subaru Assured warranty and Subaru Assist.

Subaru Assured applies to vehicles under 5 years of age and under 125,000km’s. The Subaru Assured benefits include:

  • 116-point vehicle inspection
  • 12 months unlimited km warranty
  • 12 months Subaru Assist Package

Not every used Subaru can be a Subaru Assured Vehicle. When you purchase a Subaru Assured used vehicle you can be confident you’re driving a quality used vehicle that upholds Subaru’s commitment to excellent performance, quality, safety and value.

There’s also a 1 and 2 year extension available for all Subaru Assured vehicles to give you the most out of your warranty.

Enquire About Our Warranty

The Fine Print: The details contained on this page are correct at the time of writing. Please check with our aftercare department to determine the current level and duration of cover available. This warranty excludes some commercial vehicles and luxury vehicle brands.