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Subaru Genuine Service at Subaru Wangara

Did you know Subaru Wangara now offers Capped Price Servicing?

With our 5 Year Capped Price Servicing Program1 you’ll know the maximum amount you’ll pay for applicable scheduled services during the Program period.

Every brand new Subaru comes with Subaru’s 5 Year Capped Price Servicing Program1. Depending on the Subaru model purchased, it will be covered by one of the following Capped Price Servicing Programs: a) Subaru All-Wheel Drive Models are covered by the Subaru 5 Year/125,000 Kilometre Capped Price Servicing Program (excluding 2017-onwards Subaru Impreza, 2018-onwards Subaru XV and 2019 Subaru Forester). b) 2017-onwards Subaru Impreza, 2018-onwards Subaru XV and 2019 Forester models are covered by the Subaru 5 Year/62,500 Kilometre Capped Price Servicing Program. c) Subaru BRZ models are covered by the Subaru BRZ 63 month/105,000 Kilometre Capped Price Serving Program.

Subaru Capped Price Servicing applies to every standard scheduled service applicable during the specific program period, either time or kilometre based, whichever occurs first. The Capped Prices are locked in for the term of the Program, which means that you’ll know upfront the maximum amount that you’ll pay for each applicable scheduled service.All with the peace of mind that specialist Subaru technicians will be looking after your pride and joy using only Genuine Subaru Parts.

Whilst the Capped Prices may vary from Retailer to Retailer, rest assured that if you bring your vehicle to a participating authorised Subaru Service Centre, you will not be charged more than the published Capped Price for your vehicle for the service interval in question.

Our Capped Prices include all items that are required as part of the standard scheduled service as set out in the Maintenance Schedule of your Warranty and Service Handbook. This includes labour, genuine parts, factory specified oils and fluids and even the environmental levy and supplies charge (which includes items such as oil and waste recycling and/or removal, workshop supplies etc.) as well as inspections and adjustment of all items listed in the Maintenance Schedule for that service interval.

Many other car companies exclude some of these items from their Capped Price for the standard scheduled service so when comparing Capped Price Servicing Programs be sure that you are comparing "apples with apples".

Please refer to your Warranty and Service Handbook to see exactly what items are covered by your scheduled service.

At Subaru Wangara we are ALL 4 THE CUSTOMER and that means we understand the importance of transparent servicing costs. If you purchased your Subaru after July 1 2014, you can enjoy the benefits of the Subaru 3 Year/75,000 Kilometre Capped Price Servicing Program (or in the case of BRZ, 3 Year/60,000 Kilometre Capped Price Servicing Program).

If you own a Subaru vehicle from Model Year 2006 onwards, you can find the maximum price for your next standard scheduled service by using Subaru’s Servicing Price Guide Tool^ or simply call our friendly service staff and they can do the research or you. (Remember to have your registration or VIN ready)

The Training Never Stops

No one knows Subaru like Subaru. Not only have our technicians had years of Subaru professional training, they're also the only true experts on the latest Subaru technology and models - from Australia’s first Boxer Diesel engine with CVT, to Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) and the new direct-injected Boxer turbo engine powering the new generation Forester XT.

We invest in them so you can be assured that you are dealing with the best.

Subaru Diagnostics – Our Tools

Along with their skilled craftsmanship and use of Genuine Subaru Parts, Subaru technicians have access to the Subaru Diagnostics System (SDS). This state-of-the-art analytical tool gives Subaru technicians an electronic snapshot of your car’s engine management system, airbags and instrument panel, allowing them to provide vehicle-specific solutions and updates from a worldwide database. To ensure that your Subaru is always performing at its peak, we connect the SDS to your vehicle during every scheduled service. This allows us to download the latest software update into your vehicle from the Subaru factory in Japan.

We've Got Our Priorities Straight

Subaru Wangara are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Performance, Safety & Retained Value of your car, and it’s these elements that set a Genuine Subaru Service apart from a regular one.

When you pick up your car after a service you‘ll notice that your invoice is split into these three key areas.

The Performance

During any scheduled service, Subaru technicians focus on preserving and enhancing the performance of your car by completing a comprehensive factory-approved performance checklist. This checklist includes the performance of your engine, steering and transmission. It means your service may include replacing your engine oil, oil filter and spark plugs, rotating your tyres and replacing your transmission fluid.

The Safety

Another focus of your scheduled service will be on preserving and enhancing the safety of your car by completing a comprehensive factory-approved safety checklist. This includes the safety of your brakes, exhaust system, suspension and electrical system. As a result, your service may include replacing front brake pads, inspecting exhaust for security and leaks, replacing front wheel bearings and checking headlight operation.

The Retained Value

By servicing your car at an authorised Subaru Service Centre using Genuine Subaru Parts, you get more than just peace of mind. You’ll also have the reassurance of a full Subaru service history to further help safeguard the ongoing value of your investment.